Elvenstar Vineyards

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Our Story

FROM The Vineyard of Francois Martinod

In 2008, some thirty years after the founding of Elvenstar Farm, we planted a vineyard in honor of our grandmother, Francoise Martinod. She was a renowned educator who taught with patience, respect and a meticulous attention to detail. We apply that same philosophy to our Cabernet Sauvignon vines, which thrive in the rocky, volcanic, red clay soil on the hillsides at Elvenstar.

The Vineyards

The ranch soils are a rare iron-rich clay strewn with exposed volcanic rock dating back over 15 million years. Those stones are all that remains of ancient volcanoes that created the Santa Monica Mountains — millions of years ago. Those red soils are the result of mineral rich rock that has weathered, broken down, and become soil. This combination is prized worldwide for producing intense structured wines. Wines like Cabernet Sauvignon. This stony hillside requires hand farming of the highest order. Pruning, weeding, controlling mildew, harvest - all done meticulously by hand. We farm these soils organically.




A blend of Elvenstar Cabernet Sauvignon harvested early for rose and coastal Grenache from Ventura County. Both varieties were whole cluster pressed for delicate fruit flavors and spent 6 months in neutral oak barrels before blending and bottling. The wine opens with rose petals and peaches on the nose. The palate is ripe alpine strawberries, watermelon Jolly Rancher candy, with wet stone minerality.

$ 25.00 USD




$ 1.00 USD


Our Winemaking Process


Our wines are a reflection of our values. We work hard in the vineyard and pay meticulous attention to details. We wait patiently until the grapes reach optimal ripeness. We hand pick them at their peak, destem, and gently crush them in the winery. We employ native yeast fermentation, barrel aging, and artisan techniques that have been used by winemakers for generations. The result are classic, age-worthy wines that celebrate the place in which they are grown.